Lily Dryer Vent Cleaning Spring, TX

Suppose you fed up with dealing with a broken dryer vent that can't dry your clothes very well, count on us! Lily Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX has professional dryer vent cleaning technicians ready to deal with any issue you have in Spring, Texas.

Dryer Vents Are Fire Hazards

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 17k dryer vents are reported each year to be the cause behind hundreds of live and money losses! As the main reason behind these dryer vent fires is the failure to clean the dryer vent's filters! Don't worry; Lily Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX is always here with highly equipped technicians.

Part of our technicians' job is to check the dryer vent and ask you whether you had any problem with your dryer recently as damp, extra cycles & more! Lint buildup inside your unit is the leading cause behind all your problems that can escape from the lint trap leading you to many disasters. Stay safe & call us for help now!

Signs Of Dryer Vent Cleaning Need

When your clothes don't get dry very fast from one cycle, as usual, you have to check what's going on after every regular drying cycle before calling a professional service. However, before giving Lily Air Duct Cleaning Spring TX a call, you have to check the following signs. There are musty & smoky odors covering your clothes after every cycle.

It's so hard to touch your clothes after every cycle out of excessive heat. You will notice that the laundry room is very hot. The dryer vent's flap doesn't open properly while using it. There will also be debris with your vent's opening. There will be large amounts of lint in the lint screen during every cycle. All these signs require our entry!

How To Avoid Dryer Fires!

You can play an essential role in protecting yourself from dangerous fire threats through regular cleaning, maintenance & installation. Even if you see that your dryer is doing fine, it's better to be safe. There are specific steps you need to follow to protect yourself from fire risks. Make sure that your unit is well installed with a professional dryer vent tech.

Before & after each cycle, you need to clean your dryer lint trap ideally. Clean all the dryer filter every six months or more before it blocks the airflow. You have to clean the dryer vent every three months. Make sure that your dryer isn't damaged from behind. Put a cover over the outer dampers to keep harmful elements out! Count on professional services like Lily Air Duct Cleaning Spring, TX.

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